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Noosh Naturals was born on the genuine premise of healing and nourishing one’s skin and adding essence to one’s life.

Providing wholesome healing while incorporating the best natural and conventional medicinal practices, we aimed at producing well-balanced and multi-purposeful skin remedies using the best natural and organic ingredients.

The Sea Buck Balm has helped heal my son’s eczema. He is a happier and livelier boy. As a mother and doctor, nothing makes me happier, than seeing the wonderful healing effects of the balm, first hand. Its a personal journey for me and i recommned you to alteast try it.

I have dermatitis skin and was one of those people who’d try every product on the market, only to be repeatedly disappointed. But after trying this balm, I saw an immense improvement in my skin. No more itchiness and red patchy skin. Love it and won’t stop using it.
Sulaiha Binti Sawadi

The C-buck Serum is my ultimate BAE-serum. I don’t have to deal with dry skin and itchy red patches anymore. Thanks to the serum, my skin looks glowing!
fanitsyara kam phon


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Flawless and Glowing Skin

Flawless and Glowing Skin

No one believes me anymore when I tell them my age! I have been getting compliments non stop that my skin glows and looks fresh. I have been using the sea buck serum and noticed significant difference in my skin tone and fine lines.

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The Miracle Berry

The Miracle Berry

Sea Buckthorn berries are sourced from the remote Himalayas. Packed with a multitude of rich bioactive compounds that contain the elusive and vital fatty acid Omega-7This nutrient-dense, resilient fruit grows in wild abundance, high in the Himalayan mountains and has...

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