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About Noosh Naturals

Noosh Naturals is the brain child of Dr Anusha Nair, a practicing family and functional medicine physician at Klinik Genga where she has taken over from her father who was a pioneer in Functional medicine. 

Noosh Naturals came about from wanting to find natural solutions for her son's eczema. Exhausting dermatology visits and steroid ointments  that were not helping this lead to Dr Anusha taking measures into her own hands. She started to dabble in natural remedies and along the way she stumbled upon the miracle sea buckthorn berry with its amazing healing and restorative properties. Using this as a key ingredient in many of her remedies she was able to see vast improvement in her son's skin. Soon her patients with eczema were also seeing marked improvements, coupled with diet and lifestyle modification of course. 

As a functional medicine physician who studies herbs and it’s properties extensively, Ayurveda is a major influence for Dr Anusha as well. Her grandmother’s influence is also apparent as she was a firm believer in this ancient form of medicine  and would procure all her herbs directly from India. 

Having a busy clinical practice, ongoing clinical research in University Malaya for a medical device created by her as well  Dr Anusha needed a little push for her husband Mr Puvanesan who is a businessman himself. Seeing potential in her remedies her urged her to peruse it to a larger degree and seed funded their business. 

Currently proceeds from Noosh Naturals go towards furthering her medical R&D and research as well as brining you better and more exciting products that are rooted in nature. The philosophy Nourish and heal naturally holds true for each and every product.

Noosh Naturals gives you its word that  you will not find - parabens, aluminium, sulphates, silicones, phthalates, alcohols, artificial fragrance, or any form of nasties in our products. Each item is meticulously hand made with love in small batches so you get the best without compromising on quality while keeping prices affordable.   

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