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Why we need to re-think commercial deodorants

As much as we like to skirt around the topic due to its sensitive nature, body odor is a problem for many people. It’s important to know why this happens.

Humans have unique sweat glands in their armpits and groins known as apocrine glands which secrete a mixture of chemicals that are a feast for bacteria. As the bacteria gorge on your sweat and break it down, this process is what produces the unique unmistakable body odor we all dread. Sweat elsewhere in the body mainly consists of water and minerals thus you generally don’t stink from sweat from your forehead for example.

Many different factors can attribute to an increased propensity to odor such as, genes, diet, hormones, medication and sometimes even certain metabolic disorders may contribute to increased body odor. That’s why some people may have a more noticeable issue when it comes to body odor.

At the onset of puberty, parents will usually start to realize their sweet little tween now doesn’t smell so sweet all of a sudden. The usual response is to go to the store to get a roll on. As a teen, there are household names of these products we used and most of the time, there was no second thought into what they contained as long as they did the job.

Resent studies have shown that there are certain questionable ingredients are contained in regular store-bought deodorants, things we should think twice before exposing ourselves or our children to.

Let’s break down some of the common ingredients we should be warry of

1) Aluminum Chlorhydrias

This is the active ingredient in most over the counter roll on deodorant. This water-soluble salt is used to block sweat glands in the armpit preventing perspiration. Most studies have shown that this chemical is generally safe, however due to blocking of the sweat gland, it may cause darkening of the under arms in certain people. For those with sensitive skin, this chemical is many a times a common irritant.

Ever noticed a yellow stain on your white clothes just at the armpit area? well the culprit is Aluminum in anti- perspirant deodorants. This chemical often times react with salts in the sweat to create stubborn yellow stains that are extremely difficult to get rid of.

2) Alcohols

Ingredients like benzyl alcohol is a common additive to deodorants that help the product dry faster on the skin. This has some negative effects such as being an irritant to the skin as well as increases dryness in the armpits. It can also give rise to stinging when applied after shaving for example.

3) Parabens

Parabens are a common ingredient as preservatives in many commercial products. What are the concerns raised by the use of parabens is that they are compounds made using petrochemicals and as complex hydrocarbon molecules have the ability to mimic hormones and disrupt certain metabolic processes? These claims have not yet been proven however the cause for concern is present.

4) Silicones

Silicones are a filler ingredient added to most cosmetics to make them have a good skin feel or slip. Due to its occlusive nature, Silicones can tend to clog pores. Another down side of silicones in cosmetics is that they are a chemical also derived from fossil fuels and thus like plastics can accumulate in our water systems and wildlife causing long term build up in our ecosystems.

5) Artificial fragrance

Artificial fragrance are synthetic chemicals that are known to irritate sensitive skin, as they are usually diluted in alcohol or other solvents as well. Long term exposure to these synthetic compounds is also questionable.

So how then to control body odor?

Noosh Naturals Deodorants are free from all the above ingredients and instead have skin loving probiotics that help reduce bad bacteria build up on your skin. Ingredients like bentonite clay are also amazing in absorbing moisture and sweat as well as neutralizing body odor.

Natural alternatives to helps reduce glandular secretions like magnesium are better than Aluminums as they do not block normal sweat secretions.

The 100% natural formula of Noosh Naturals deodorant is gentle for those with sensitive skin. Even For kids, pregnant and breastfeeding adults, the unscented version with no essential oils are as effective as the scented versions. For those who prefer a scent, Noosh Naturals only uses 100 % pure essential oils in skin safe dosages.

What’s more there is a money back guarantee!

A lot of thought and research has gone into developing a product that not only is gentle but is effective even for those who lead an active lifestyle.

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