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The Ayurvedic secret to thick and lustrous hair is now yours

Oiling the hair is an Indian tradition for thousands of years. In the Indian subcontinent, women and men alike pride themselves with having thick black and lustrous hair. Having lived in India for some time it is obvious that there is something they are doing right as almost all the ladies young or old have thick long hair with full bodied plaits that reach up to their waist.

It’s not surprising that hair care is important and Ayurvedic and traditional practices of hair care are still maintained.

What is consistent is their use of herbal remedies as part of their daily hair routine.

As a child my grandmother who was form India made it a point to sit me down every weekend for an herbal oil bath which I dreaded at the time. Looking back, it brings me such comfort and joy to have had such a loving and doting grandmother. Her high-pitched scolding in Malayalam making me sit still are things that still bring a chuckle every time I remember her. The olfactory or smell nerve is a sensory organ that directly connects to the hippocampus, the area that stores memories. Every single time I make my hair oil, I get a whiff of it and when the notes are just right, I breathe it in and it’s like I am a child again my hair roughly parted while I sit in my grandma’s lap.

In Ayurveda, there are some important herbs that are vital to hair growth. These herbs are carefully infused in our Ayur revival hair oil in dosages that are shown to be beneficial.


Herbs such as Bhringraj (karisalakanni ) in Tamil is especially good for the hair. It is known to prevent hair fall, improves luster, induces hair growth, as well as reduces greying, it does this by dilatation of the hair follies to improve blood circulation to the scalp.


Amla is another popular herb that is beneficial for the hair and scalp. Studies have shown it to be helpful in male pattern baldness as well as reduces dandruff.


The common hibiscus plant is another amazing herb that has shown time and time again to aid in improving and treating hair and scalp issues as well as moisturizing and conditioning the hair shaft. Hibiscus has been shown to rejuvenate dormant follicles as well as prevent premature greying due to its abundant flavonoids and anti-oxidants.


Fenugreek is a popular spice used to flavor Indian dishes, its also used as a remedy to treat gastro-intestinal issues and normalize blood sugar as well. As a rich source of protein and iron, fenugreek good for helping hair become stronger and less prone to breakage.

Curry leaf

Curry leaf is a must have staple for Indian culinary dishes. In Ayurveda, the curry leaf used to reduce hair fall as well as also to reduce premature ageing. High in beta carotene and protein, these leaves are also seen to promote hair growth in dormant hair follicles as well.

A lot of love and thought has gone into our Ayur revival hair oil, from sourcing the best herbs to careful preparation while herbs are being steeped. These age old remedies have stood the test of time and we hope you will benefit from them as well.

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