Natural and Organic


All our products are free from phthalates, SLS, parabens, dioxins, benzoyl peroxide, and synthetic colors, pigments, or perfumes.

  1. Benzoyl peroxide – used commonly in acne products  as it is fast and effective in combating acne however Some research shows that it causes oxidative stress to cells which can later lead to DNA damage .
  2. Dioxin – Used in anti- bacterial like Triclosan, emulsifiers ,PEG’s and SLS . Research has stated that it may cause cancer in humans .
  3. Parabens – chemicals with the name  Methyl,Butyl,Ethyl in them, these are usually found in preservatives .  While research has not conclusively proved they are cancerous , these chemicals are absorbed and can mimic estrogen hormones .(high estrogen  level has been linked to cancers )
  4. Synthetic Colours and pigments –   These chemicals are derived from TAR! They are known carcinogens and can wreak havoc on the human immune system .
  5. SLS / SLES –  Strong surfactants that strip the skin of moisture and can cause excessive drying.
  6. Avobenzene,Benzphenone,Ethoxycinnanamate ,PABA – All have been shown to be carcinogenic
  7. Phyhalates-  Shown to reduce sperm count in lab rats .
  8. Di-sodium EDTA – Used to increase shelf life of products , however toxic if overly exposed
  9. Perfumes – Synthetic chemicals which produce smell . Can cause headaches ,allergy and asthma.
  10. Aluminium dioxide- ( usually found in deodorants) Linked to Alzheimer and cancer.