Noosh Naturals has a non-refundable sales policy, so returning the sold items for cash refund is not an option. However, the customer can exchange the item he or she returns to the shop with any other item of the same or higher price. In this case, the customer has to pay for any difference in price of the exchanged goods. We gladly accept exchange of non-perishable items within 7 days of delivery, provided you have both a valid receipt for the original item you had bought online and the Carrier receipt with the delivery date and time.

To exchange items, please bring them and the receipts to the shop and choose the goods at the same or higher price that you want to get in exchange for the returned items.

Please note that the customer shall return the goods at his/her own cost; that is, Noosh Naturals does not pay for transportation and/or shipping for the returning of the goods.

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